WHF – April 1-2, 2017 Delphi, Greece

As an artist, I have the honor to be invited to participate in the 1st World Human Forum. Here is a brief presentation:


“Do you believe in a brighter future and our ability to build it together?

Imagine a world that puts the lives of people at the centre of development and economic thinking. Imagine a world where people feel empowered to achieve happiness; where they care for each other, other species and the environment; where acting cooperatively, ethically and responsibly is the norm rather than the exception. Imagine a world where people feel inspired to pursue their dreams and contribute to society. Imagine a world that is equitable, sustainable and pacified.

The purpose of the World Human Forum is to help create such a world.

Our civilisation faces unprecedented social and environmental challenges which twentieth century political and economic systems, too often ignoring the long term, have failed to address. The materialistic and consumerist model of the last decades has repressed the human factor and depleted the earth of natural resources. Institutional trust is at an all time low; power and wealth are increasingly concentrated. New and innovative responses to this challenging context are needed. Reinventing ourselves, individually and collectively, has become a priority. The future of humanity may well be at stake.

All around the globe people are getting together to question the status quo, create positive change and shape a better future. The World Human Forum’s aim is to harness these creative energies, contribute to the revolution that is taking place, and act as a catalyst for the emergence of a new human-centric paradigme.”




WHF – April 1-2, 2017 Delphi, Greece

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