The art of the 21st century


Since time immemorial, art is considered as a deep need of the human soul. It allows us to connect to ourselves and develop our imagination. Art is a bridge between man and the mystery of life. It allows us to access the spirit and self-knowledge and allows the development of the intuition necessary for the renewal of man.


All artists known or less known wish, by their works, to offer a beautiful parcel so that the human soul can drink it. Whether through works representing the known world or those more abstract representing the unknown, each artist with sensitivity and vision, wants to connect to a higher source than himself.


I believe in the need to enchant the world, and I try to work in this way every day so that this vision can be expressed through my being and through my pictorial work. For this, it seems to me essential to be enchanted of oneself.


Direct the consciousness inwards rather than outwards, should be the challenge of the 21st century.


Our modern world takes a crazy race towards ever more technological conquests. Through a variety of channels, we have access to a multitude of instant information continuously. This uninterrupted flow gives the feeling of always being informed. But sometimes this information overload besieges us more than liberates us. If we are not careful, it can cause an overload both cognitive and sensory.


In an agitated divided world, plagued by fragmentation and the concealment, the essential role of art will be even more vital.


With this in mind, I propose to change the paradigm. I propose to borrow gateways to another place, to territories so little explored to unknown areas or nothing seems the known. To explore these beautiful spaces of serenity, experience inner silence is a necessity.


My paintings invite you to cross the doors to get into your inner world. Your imagination will do the rest. It will allow you to discover your unexplored riches.


As an artist and therapist, I have a great interest in the relation with emotions and I think it is necessary to free oneself from the degrading ties of the past in order to offer the viewer the best of himself. My desire to be connected in the creative moment to supra-human values is an ever-renewed quest to convey this transcendent alchemy to the work.


My paintings represent a quest for essentiality. The art of the sublime should become a human objective and in order to do so, man will have to raise cathedrals from his own feelings by regaining faith in the beauty of his values.



The art of the 21st century

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